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Elite Connection

Elite Connection is an organisation that provides Work from Home Opportunities and Virtual Call Center Jobs to those in need.

Date02 March, 2023Share


The Challenge

Elite Connections approached xendekweb in an effort to grow their business. In order to efficiently market their many specialized services including Customer Care, Internet Research, Technical Help, Inbound Requests, etc., xendekweb planned to create a new brand identity and website. Elite Connection needed xendekweb to improve the website’s aesthetics as well as put in place a robust search marketing plan. a project to increase the brand’s online visibility.


The plan

Create a logo for Elite Connection that is in keeping with the website’s design. Work from home and virtual call center opportunities are offered by Elite Connection. The objective is to create a professional website that shares the company’s ambition of being the top supplier of virtual call center services, renowned for innovation and great customer care.

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