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MOC Apparel

MOC Apparel is an online retailer of affordable clothing for both men and women.

Date20 February, 2023Share


The Challenge

Xendekweb was contacted by MOC Apparel in an attempt to expand their business. A new brand identity and website were intended to be developed by Xendekweb in order to effectively promote their various specialized products. In addition to enhancing the website’s looks for MOC Apparel, Xendekweb was required to implement a strong search marketing strategy. An initiative to improve the brand’s internet presence.


The plan

Make a logo for MOC Apparel that matches the appearance of the website. MOC Apparel has been selling stylish clothing for both men and women online since 2023. As a result, the goal is to develop a professional website that informs visitors about their chic assortment of personalized designer goods.

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